Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Residencies for Universities and Professional Dancers
Programs range from 1-4 weeks and are custom-designed to meet the needs of each student group. Each program includes combinations of the following workshops/classes/performances:

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Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre engages audiences in original and dynamic dance theatre that raises questions, challenges social norms and values, and magnifies humanity through dance. Productions pivot around core themes and through an interplay between athletic and pedestrian motion, activate emotional expression, character, and narrative in a rich and abstract collage. Amanda Selwyn’s collaborative choreographic process nurtures our own network of artists while actively engaging the community at large. In our Theme and Motif Workshops, students practice improvisation and composition skill building exercises to unearth raw and true original movement. We explore various sources of inspiration for developing movement including text, sound, texture, character, quality, as well as generating more conceptually motivated movement. To refine movement, students investigate motif development, phrasing, timing, rhythm, variation, voice, character, focus, partnering, touch, and quality.

Technique Classes taught by Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Company Dancers emphasize clarity, initiation, quality, focus, energy, rhythm, musicality, and freedom of expression. The opening warm-up sequence focuses on the fluidity of the spine, core strengthening, articulation of the limbs, and then builds into across the floor sequences and challenging, creative, and invigorating phrase work. Students experience a movement vocabulary rich with detail, dramatic expression, energy, focus, and athleticism.

Body Conditioning classes focus on core strengthening, stability, flexibility, aerobic stamina, and developing minor muscle groups that protect joints and facilitate a greater range of motion and expression. Using yoga and pilates techniques and exercises, breath, alignment, and subtlety is emphasized throughout the vigorous full body workout.