Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Residencies for Universities and Professional Dancers

Programs range from 1-4 weeks and are custom-designed to meet the needs of each student group. Each program includes combinations of the following formats:

  • Composition/Repertory Workshops
  • Choreography Workshops
  • Technique Workshops | Company Class
  • Arts in Education Workshops
We are interested in creating opportunities for your students to perform both an original work and a repertory Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre work. Through Selwyn’s unique and collaborative dance-making process, Selwyn will create an original work with the students during our residency period in addition to setting a piece from our rich repertory.  Depending on the length of the residency period, Selwyn can set shorter or longer works on students and likewise, develop original material that is resonant of the strengths of the dancers in the program.

In Choreography Workshops, Selwyn will work with students on developing their own short choreographic studies with clear motifs, well-constructed phrasing, musicality, originality, and a strong theatrical point of view.  She will also work with students on how to build out movement material into a larger work exploring pattern, repetition/theme and variation, use of solos, duets, group work, abstraction and narrative, design elements, character/environment, and dramatic arc.

Selwyn and her company of dancers will teach students Company Class with a rigorous center warm-up, across the floor exercises, and center phrase work that develops technical clarity, strength, flexibility, agility, precision, performance quality and personal expression, and skills to master the coordination, movement memory, and athleticism required for her choreography.

In addition to presenting innovative dance works, Amanda Selwyn has been bringing arts-in-education programming to 3K-12th graders in the NYC Public Schools for 24 years. In our Notes in Motion Arts-in-Education Workshops, we will emphasize ways in which your students can develop as teachers to build out their career and make a living in the field of dance. Workshops will explore engaging approaches to classroom management, culminating events, connecting dance to other aspects of the school curriculum, collaborating with classroom teachers, assessing students learning, practice teaching, and studying and analyzing the dance standards as outlined in the NYC Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts The students will be able to connect with their passion for dance and develop leadership skills that can be applied throughout their dance careers.

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