Open Rehearsal | Fall 2018

October 15, 2018
The Ailey Studios, NYC | Photos

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre opened its rehearsal at Ailey Studios to the public on the evening of October 15, 2018. The company showed excerpts from their forthcoming evening length work Crossroads. The rehearsal was followed by a reception.


Crossroads is a new work in development by Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre scheduled to premiere in June 2019. The piece explores forging into unchartered waters and that tumultuous process of self-discovery. Inspired by the work of Magritte and Escher, Selwyn will collaborate with scenic & costume designer, Anna-Alisa Belous to shape a surrealistic landscape that highlights these lingering moments at the crossroads, choosing one path or another, and how these moments steer the course of our lives.


Choreography: Amanda Selwyn and dancers Dancers: Alex Cottone, Manon Hallay, Misaki Hayama, Torrey McAnena, Yoshi Pineda, Fabricio Seraphin, Sarah Starkweather
Costume and Scenic Design: Anna-Alisa Belous Sound Design: Joel Wilhelmi
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