Threads Holiday Season Preview

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12 St. Mark’s Place, NYC

January 23, 2022 | Photos

Evening included a preview performance of Selwyn’s newest work, Threads,  premiering on April 7-9, 2022 at New York Live Arts for our 22nd Annual Performance Season. This performance was supported by NYSCA”s Re-Start NYC Rapid Live Performance Grants. 8 p.m. Performance was followed by a reception. * COVID-19 safety protocols were strictly adhered by.

Threads explores what holds us together in isolation and the practice of letting go. This pandemic has brought into focus where priorities are, the value of our human connections, and the very fleeting nature of it all. We are just a moment away from change. The threads can be fixed, torn, mended, or woven. The music and the movement in this innovative evening-length work will embody these ties that hold us together and their fragility to pull us apart. This is a story of heartbreak, forgiveness, loss, new beginnings, agency, and powerlessness. Threads build bridges, celebrate difference, and connect us. We are only as alone as the next knot — accidental or purposeful. We are meant to be tangled in this dance of our lives. Threads is a tribute to the grit and resilience of this moment — a willingness to do the work and to inquire, to sit in uncertainty and ponder what is on the other side. It starts as a thread of an idea and, from that thread, a fabric of meaning emerges. One thread at a time. By listening, pulling, teasing, tearing at each piece. Showing up in it. We can only see when our minds, eyes, and hearts are open. We can only see when we are ready. When we aren’t looking. In this pause, we step forward and balance on a thread to discover divine beauty. We measure risk, we acknowledge what is gone, we let go. Threads will premiere in full in April 2022
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