Crossroads World Premiere

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre’s Nineteenth Annual Performance Season 
Crossroads World Premiere Th-Sa, June 20-22, 2019, 7 p.m. New York Live Arts, NYC

Crossroads is a new work in development by Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre scheduled to premiere in June 2019. The piece explores forging into unchartered waters and that tumultuous process of self-discovery. Inspired by the work of Magritte and Escher, Selwyn will collaborate with scenic & costume designer, Anna-Alisa Belous to shape a surrealistic landscape that highlights these lingering moments at the crossroads, choosing one path or another, and how these moments steer the course of our lives.

Choreography: Amanda Selwyn and dancers Dancers: Alex Cottone, Manon Hallay, Misaki Hayama, Torrey McAnena, Yoshio Pineda, Fabricio Seraphin, Sarah Starkweather Costume and Scenic Design: Anna-Alisa Belous Sound Design: Joel Wilhelmi

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