Selwyn sees dance as a way to empower the storytellers of our time not simply by the allegory of the dance itself, but in its dialogue with the audience. Using the language of the body and movement, her choreography speaks a truth that is immediate and tangible. As our society advances with technology, there are, increasingly, more and more opportunities to disconnect. Selwyn revels in connection. Her work pulses with touch, physicality and emotion and activates a canvas of ideas, truths and passions. Selwyn celebrates community, humanity and citizenship. She does not attempt to tell a linear story or unveil new truths with Refuge, but rather to illuminate signposts that raise questions so that audiences can make meaning for themselves.

-Infinite Body

In her latest work, “Refuge,” Selwyn explores humans’ shifting environments and their need for shelter and safety. The dancers stumble, buckle, fall, and rise up again within a stage littered with objects. The set designs are inspired by “Encampment,” an installation by Francesco Clemente, in which the artist imagines a modern caravanserai.

-The New Yorker

Productions pivot around core themes and through an interplay between athletic and pedestrian motion, activate emotional expression, character, and narrative in a rich and abstract collage."

-High Class Living

With the help of her exquisite dance troupe, Amanda Selwyn has merged sound and movement and the romance of motion and emotion in creating her choreographic masterpieces.”

-Museum Beat

Ms. Selwyn’s choreography blends athleticism, theatricality, sensuality, romance, passion, and humor in good measure, and a collage of well-chosen music underscores the swings of mood and gives the production a cohesive feeling."

-Oberon's Grove

Amanda Selwyn’s work is masterly and emotional expressive, she is truly gifted in the art of dance making."

-NYC Dance Stuff

Amanda Selwyn is a master at illustrating the symbiosis of sound and movement, the romance of motion and emotion – she had me laughing, crying, cringing and gasping all in the short 55-minute production."

-Inside New York

Immediately you were aware of Ms. Selwyn’s delicious lyricism of movement that flows intrinsic through her work."

-NYC Dance Stuff

Overall, an ideal evening of dance. The ever-shifting patterns of movement and partnering suggest a dream in which perceptons vary from moment to moment."

-Oberon's Grove

Ms. Selwyn has her own voice, she speaks from a place within the heart, she is unafraid to peer into the corners of one’s soul. She explores every corner, and what she finds she expresses with movement that which cannot be said in words. Detour explores the concept of perception, of how we perceive or interpret what is before us. It creates a world where surrealism is the norm, a world where perceptions shift constantly, but it is a world that is intriguing and you want to see more."

-NYC Dance Stuff

Ms. Selwyn's vision is unique and original. It held me transfixed."

-NYC Dance Stuff

Distinctive, off-kilter elegance"

-The New Yorker

"In less than an hour, Amanda Selwyn and her troupe had given us dance that was entertaining and lovely to watch along with a reminder that time is fleeting: use yours wisely.

-Oberon's Grove

artfully athletic, expressive choreography... Choreographer Amanda Selwyn uses gesture, narrative, and character to move her dances beyond pure bodies in motion and into social commentary and critique."


The choreography by Artistic Director Amanda Selwyn and dancers has a sharp and reverberating quality."

-Eye on Dance

Selwyn’s highly physical dances are typically centered on a guiding idea or conceit. Five Minutes, her last piece, was about the measurement of time and was structured in five-minute segments. Her new work, Detour, is about perception and thwarting expectations. By design, it keeps swerving."

-The New Yorker

The strength of Selwyn’s Detour was founded upon a consistent artistic vision in which all of the elements seemed to cohere."

-DIY Dancer

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